Recruiting abroad

The constant shortage of personnel and skilled workers prompted us at an early stage to back up our strong training and further education of local employees with the recruiting of skilled workers from. This started back in 2013 with a pilot project by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, in which 61 Vietnamese professionals received placements and completed training at Vivantes Hauptstadtpflege. In order to be able to guarantee our goal of providing high-quality care for seniors in the future, we are taking a further step in terms of recruiting personnel by recognising the professional qualifications of foreign nursing professionals. In doing so, we are investing in the future of both our existing facilities and those yet to come. The International Recruiting department, which is attached to the Management Board, brings everything together structurally and strategically.

Intercultural integration is particularly important

For us, integration does not just start when the new colleagues enter the country, but right from the day of the job interview. In order to prepare them for a completely new life in another country and a new culture, they are already prepared for Germany, its customs and beloved traditions while in their home countries. We place a particularly high value on ensuring that the participants are already aware of what daily work in geriatric care in Germany means and how it takes place. This preparation and early exchange takes place, for example, through a digital family session with the participants and, if applicable, their families.

At the same time, there is good preparation and regular exchange with colleagues in our facilities. This also involves understanding a culture that may be foreign, the resulting behaviour at work and resolving any reservations. This promotes and favours joint cooperation and friendly interaction.

Integration work plays a significant role in ensuring that foreign colleagues feel comfortable and welcome in their new country and want to stay.

"In Germany, I got a permanent job after my training and earned more money."

Ngoc Nhu Quynh from Vietnam

"Working at Vivantes Hauptstadtpflege has allowed us to develop many skills and learn about a completely different culture. The German language barrier was especially difficult for us, but the constant support we receive made the adjustment process easier both socially and academically."

Mario and Alexis from Mexiko


  • Successfully completed studies in health care and nursing (bachelor's degree)
  • If applicable, additional qualification in geriatric care
  • Commitment and motivation to start a new life
  • Appreciative interaction with patients, relatives and colleagues
  • Friendly demeanour, high level of interpersonal skills and ability to quickly adapt to new situations
  • Courage to face the challenge of starting a new life in a foreign country
  • High motivation to learn a new language
  • Health suitability for physical stress

We offer as an employer

  • Unlimited employment contract after successful professional recognition
  • A challenging, varied and responsible job with the opportunity to contribute and get involved
  • Individual training and support
  • 30 days’ holiday
  • Extensive opportunities for further development and training
  • Company pension plan
  • Attractive corporate sports collaboration
  • Employee purchasing benefits with well-known companies
  • Renting a furnished place to live for nine months from the date of entry

No agency fees

Vivantes Forum für Senioren GmbH bears all costs incurred for language training in the home country, for entry into Germany and for recognition. There are no placement fees for applicants. In this way, we limit the economic risk for our project participants.

Freedom of choice of compensation measures

According to their assessment notice in Germany, applicants can choose between a knowledge test or an adaptation period. Vivantes Forum für Senioren GmbH only offers its project participants the option of a preparatory course with a knowledge test.


Tasks during / after recognition

Recruiting team involved from the start

A long-term, structured process is necessary and requires both thorough organisation and preparation until such time as the young people are able to enter the country. As early as a year before the final entry, the recruiting team starts organising all the necessary arrangements for entry into Germany. This includes, among other things, assistance with visa applications and labour market submissions, all other immigration-related issues and the initial provision of housing in shared apartments. In addition, all the necessary foundations for living and working in Germany are put in place. The team also supports the new employees after their arrival, for example, in registering with the citizens' registration office and the health insurance fund.

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Commitment to the fair and transparent
recruitment of nursing staff from abroad

In accordance with our mission statement, we are committed to ethically correct placement practices according to the following aspects:

seal of approval "Fair Recruitment - Healthcare Germany"

In the recruitment and placement of care workers from third countries, we act in accordance with the quality criteria of the "Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland” ("Fair Recruitment of Care Workers in Germany”) seal of approval. In February 2022, we also received the seal of approval from the "Gütegemeinschaft Anwerbung und Vermittlung von Pflegekräften aus dem Ausland e.V." ("Quality Association for the Recruitment and Placement of Care Workers from Abroad") of the Kuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (

Cooperation partner:

LMCare AG (for Philippines)

LMCare is a specialised service company for the placement of care workers from Asia, with headquarters in Switzerland.

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Diversity charter

Like cosmopolitan Berlin, Vivantes stands for tolerance and fairness. Equal opportunities and the active fight against all forms of discrimination are a high priority in our healthcare network.

More about: Diversity | Vivantes

Promotion of women

Gender equality at Vivantes is a declared goal of the company: Vivantes strives for a balanced representation of women and men in management positions, whether on the Supervisory Board, in the clinics or in subsidiaries.

More about: Advancement of women | Vivantes


Complaints management

If you have a complaint, a problem or an important concern, you can get in touch with your known contact persons in the Practice, Theory and Life Support departments at any time. We take your concerns seriously and process them according to the relevant criteria of our internal complaints management concept. All employees can view this on our intranet.